Monday, December 6, 2010

My proven strategy to get 1st page in less than 10 days

During my experience in Internet Marketing, I've tried many kinds of backlinks strategies, including: profile backlinks, article marketing, rss, social marketing, blog comments and so on...but I've never had good results in comparison to the many hours spent in front of the monitor, trying to improve my poor rankings.

I've read many blogs, forums, and I continued to make experience in order to find a strategy wich could give good rankings with less work...and finally I've found something that worked for me.

My strategy to achieve the first page of Google is focused on two simple steps:

First step: Keywords

First of all, I've found that my keywords (or keyword phrases) were too competitive even if Traffic Travis ( TT) give 4 stars-result (quite easy) in its "keywords analyze" tool.. I needed a more accurate and a faster tool in order to evaluate competitors for my niche keywords, so I've tried Micro Niche Finder (or MNF). This has been the first step.
MNF gives you very detailed results about your competitors and allows you to compare many keywords all togheter and not one by one as TT.
Attention: I'm not saying that TT is unuseful, no way! Indeed is very useful to evaluate the keywords after the use of MNF if you have doubt about 2-3 of them.

Here are some images of these 2 tools: 


So, if with MNF you can choose rapidly your keywords, with TT you can evaluate in dept wich one has less competition among the ones wich have green light in MNF, and you can look at Page Ranks Backlinks, Ages, On site optimizations and so on for the sites in the first page in Google.

Second step: Backlinks

Why do I have to spend lot of time building backlinks when there are tools (mostly free) that can create backlinks automatically for me?  I'm talking above all about blog networks.
I've tried lots of them (nearly all!) and I've found that the best are, doubtless: Unique Article Wizard (UAW) and Article Ranks (AR, wich is free). Even BuildMyRank is good, but it is too mutch expensive. You can find my experiences with them here.

With UAW and AR you can achieve, for each spin-ready article you submitt to them, about 3/400 hundreds of pages (indexed by Google) with your backlinks inside in only a month. Each page contains 2 backlinks, so you can have thousands of backlinks for your site.

Is this strategy working? Yes, here some results I achieved for some of my keywords after 9 days:

Keyword: Secrets to dog training review

Keyword: farmville secrets review

Immagine3.bmp (1.1 MB)
Keyword: How to win your ex back
Immagine5.bmp (1.1 MB)
Keyword: Power4home review
Immagine4.bmp (1.1 MB)
Keyword: stop dog aggression
Immagine6.bmp (1.1 MB)

So, as you can see, with these tools I achieved some good rankings for my niches keywords with a little amount of work. Obviously, you have to write spin-ready articles, but if you want to outsource this work, you can find on the net good offers wich gave you the possibility to pay about 400 of them less than 100$, and with the rankings you can achieve you will pay their cost in some weeks maximum.

You can find some others useful informations about the tools I use in these 2 pages: free internet marketing tools, best internet marketing tools.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Top internet marketing tools

Hi Internet Marketers!

I've done this very simple site to help all of you wich need to know something about Internet Marketing services before buying them.

I hope that this blog could be useful: I'm filling them with reviews of tested products that I've used for my Internet Business (most of all I work with Clickbank).

So, take a look at the page list in right sidebar, and find what you need.